Qured's Network IVR helps your business to "Never Miss A Call”.

Qured gives your business the opportunity to turn every phone call into a fantastic experience for your valuable customers, and your business will "Never Miss A Call" again!!!

Typically customers ringing your business and during busy periods they are forced to be queued on your IVR or PABX system, either in a ring group or UCD or what's otherwise known in the industry as ACD group (Automatic Call Distribution), and when after all else fails and the caller cannot be answered, most other providers simply drop the caller off to a voicemail.

The problem with all of these methods is that not one of them can guarantee your business will "Never Miss A Call" or dissatisfy your client with a long waiting time, listening to typical on hold music.

Sure, we recognise some telephone systems have IVR capabilities, but do they stack up to the task of ensuring all your customers get answered and spoken to by one of your staff or team members???  The short answer is no.

What happens when all your lines are busy, and there is no capacity left to accept any more incoming calls, what happens to your clients then???  Qured has solved this problem with our industry leading "Never Miss A Call" queuing platform.
So how does it all work:

Qured's Q2U service is a telephone call queuing platform that serves to register callers’ details via their calling line identity "CLI” allowing them to be called back. This serves to free the caller from being on hold or leaving a message. Callers are then satisfied that their call will be returned in a timely fashion and that they can move on with other tasks and not move on to find another supplier, retailer, insurer etc!

Queued calls are then managed by staff/agents when they are available. Staff are not required to listen to voicemails or take hand notes, instead staff interact with voice prompts. This allows peak call traffic to be dealt with by a minimum number of staff, whilst better utilising their time at work.

    Staff/agents can be monitored by management on their workload by a simple user interface
    Q2U features full IVR capabilities with scheduling, including the day of the week, time of day, public holidays and other configurable days
    Q2U contains reports in near real time data for call quantities and average call durations

Call us today on 1300 841 127 and let us demonstrate to you how your business will "Never Miss A Call”.

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